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An Analysis of the Raucous CD1 Candidate Debate

by David R. Bloom

   To describe Monday night's debate between 1st Council District incumbent Gil Cedillo and his runoff election rival Joe Bray-Ali as simply a discussion on the issue of housing, as it was designed, would be curt. It is more appropriate to elaborate on the brewing fist fights in the crowd, for example, and how they play into the story.

   The candidate debate at the Central American Resource Center near MacArthur Park was the second in the run-up for the 1st District city council race. The first debate occurred on February 16 with Bray-Ali and Cedillo, in addition to Highland Park business owner Jesse Rosas and activist Giovanni Hernandez. It was a prelude to the March 7 municipal election, which resulted in Bray-Ali able to force a runoff election on May 17 by just 130 votes.

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Becerra's Vacant Congressional Seat

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Tammany Hall Politics at the Hall of Administration

by LA1 News

   Yesterday evening an event was held at the Hall of Administration in Downtown L.A. to install new officers for the Central Committee of the L.A. County Democratic Party. The Central Committee is a political advisory group made up of registered Democrats from each assembly district living within the County of Los Angeles. All eligible registered Democrats elect the members of the Central Committee every four years during the primary election, and the group meets once per month after that time to debate various bills and issues of significance for the Party.


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