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This Happened in Highland Park

by Ric Sarabia

Okay, perhaps it's still a bit early to tell. But I thought I felt a sense of warmth in the air today. It reminds me of last spring, and the rites of walking around Highland Park. Last April I’m walking home by the Gold Line station and there are these four skater kids there, and I didn’t have to walk by them but I thought - what are these guys even talking about?

One of them, maybe 17, bigger than me, steps in front of me and asks me if I want to trade hats with him. I had no idea what his move meant in that moment, but I totally did not think it would be asking to trade hats.

I looked at his - possibly a Brooklyn Dodgers cap - it’s an old-timey “B” on blue with back pointy bits. I told him I didn’t want his hat (it was kind of sweaty, actually) but if he wanted my hat, here it is dude.

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Hey You in the Faded Blue Volvo Station Wagon


Hey bro, I just wanted to let you know I am here. I am a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran. My older brother was a Sergeant Major in the USMC. My dad was a Marine, and so was my grandfather. My family has lived in Highland Park for the past 70 years. I was walking down the street the other day and you almost hit me. You had just dropped the ashes from your cigarette onto your beard and were frantically trying to put out the fire. It’s okay. I understand.

I don’t pass judgment very much anymore. It’s mostly because I like to drink. I like to get drunk. I have been this way since my very first paycheck with the Marines. I like to be around my veteran friends when I drink, and I like to get the best deal for my money. I never made good money, and things are even tighter now than they were when I served. 


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