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The Financial Education of Our Youth

by Heberto M. Sanchez

   The financial crisis of 2008 is but a memory to most consumers and many voters. Yet to those who still remember, it is a painful memory of what happens when greed takes hold and the public is uneducated in finances. Since 2008, we have seen legislation and programs at the national and state levels intended to improve financial literacy for both adults and young students.

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How the United States Can Become a Better Neighbor

from LA Progressive:

by Steve Hochstadt

   Long after the juvenile Republican presidential campaigns and campaigners of 2016 are forgotten, President Barack Obama’s movement toward normalization of relations with Cuba will still be talked about. That overdue effort is another reason why Obama’s practical and cautious foreign policy is superior to the bombastic and outdated belligerency of the Republicans.

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EDITORIAL: North Korea One Step Closer Toward Nuking L.A.

The North Korean regime today announced that it had successfully launched a satellite into space atop a Kwangmyongsong-4 missile. The missile was launched despite a UN Security Council resolution and international condemnation, yet deemed a success by the communist dictatorial regime. Video footage from Japan and South Korea showing a trail in the sky consistent with a missile all but verified the successful three-stage launch.

North Korea claims the Kwangmyongsong missiles are developed for scientific purposes, and that the satellite from today’s launch is for “Earth observation.” However, it is widely known that North Korea is actively seeking a missile system capable of reaching the west coast of the United States. Los Angeles is an obvious first choice in terms of targeting, when one considers the fact that L.A.’s Koreatown is the largest Korean ethnic population center outside of Seoul.


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