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Middle Eastern Men With Backpacks and Weapons Detained in High Desert

by LA1 News

   San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputies responded on Easter Morning to a 911 report of shots fired in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area of Apple Valley. The report came in to the Victor Valley sheriff's station of over 100 shots fired by men "wearing turbans." An aerial search was conducted due to the rugged terrain, which located a group of 17 men. They were allegedly found in possession of several handguns, one rifle and a shotgun.

   The men were, according to "Victor Valley News," interviewed by a local FBI agent and subjected to records checks. With no outstanding warrants or criminal histories, and weapons "registered with the Department of Justice except for the rifle," the detainees were let go. Despite interviews with several hikers in the area, no evidence was found to support the original 911 report of a crime of shots fired.

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Los Angeles Lawyers Arrested at Downtown Deportation Protest

from IQ Multimedia:

by Bertha Rodríguez Santos

   A dozen members of the National Lawyers Guild were arrested on Monday, March 21 in Los Angeles during an act of civil disobedience against U.S. immigration policy. Their demand was for President Barack Obama to the stop deportations of undocumented families, as the humanitarian crisis relating to our current immigration policy is adversely affecting the lives of millions of people. Supported by community members and organizations specializing in immigrant rights, the lawyers blocked a vehicle entrance to the Federal Detention Center at the Roybal Federal Building.

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Latino Families Reclaim Right to Stay in Highland Park Despite Urban Development

from IQ Multimedia:

by Bertha Rodríguez Santos

   While awaiting the arrival of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to help celebrate historic North Figueroa Street alongside developers, merchants and property owners, a group of activists overran the "FigJam" event on Saturday to denounce the displacement of hundreds of local families. Many of the displaced are Latino families that had to move to other areas or have become homeless due to urban development and gentrification. In the end, the mayor was a no-show for the event, but the activists conducted their street performance anyway and distributed information amongst those who did attend the festival.


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