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Bob McGibbon Sold His Body Shop to the Hipsters

by LA1 News

   Robert “Bob” McGibbon was back in town this weekend. He stopped by the shop to square away a few things before the big move to Arizona. McGibbon, the owner of “McGibbon’s Auto Body" on York Blvd in Highland Park, certainly deserves the break. He served his country honorably during Vietnam then served his community as an honest businessman and 35-year member of the American Legion’s Highland Park Post #206.

   Bob McGibbon says he purchased the site of McGibbon’s Auto Body for $15,000 back in 1965. “It was still a lot of money back then,” he says. “Plus we bought the two-bedroom house a couple years later.” Asked how much he sold the auto body shop for now, McGibbon replied with a price of $1.5 million. “I sold it to the guy down the street who bought the pool hall recently,” he said.

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NELA Skater Community Rallies Behind Jeff De Rosas

by Bryan Santamaria

   Jeff De Rosas is a local young man of Highland Park who is most happy when he's out skating. Unfortunately, we will not have the luxury to see Jeff skate with us anytime soon. Jeff suffered an injury to the head a couple of months back. His injury resulted from a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting. Jeff received the injury while attending a house party in Highland Park.

   According to several witnesses at the party who remain anonymous, Jeff and his friends were inside the house when someone in a passing vehicle fired the shots. As one witnesses recalls, "Once the commotion cleared, they noticed Jeff." He was merely an innocent bystander who only wanted be out around friends. Yet he lay down shot that night for reasons he could not control.

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Please Highland Park Say it Isn't So

by David R. Bloom

   Thirty-eight-year-old Tony Infante, an American citizen of Mexican descent, has lived with his wife at 4930 Echo Street in a rent-controlled Highland Park apartment for the past three years. The couple pays their $1,000 rent on time each month, yet in March their landlord’s “handyman,” a side of beef by the name of Jacob Avila, claimed the money simply never got to them, Infante says.


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