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Man Injured in Leg in Highland Park Shooting

by LA1 News

   Shortly before 5:00 p.m. today, a man was shot in the leg on the north side of North Figueroa Street, just east of Avenue 54. The shooting occurred just outside Mama's Donuts, right next to the taco cart on the sidewalk outside the shop.

   A witness who was standing at the bus stop when the incident occurred said that "several shots" were fired by two assailants walking east on Figueroa. They apparently passed two men, then turned back and began firing, striking one of their targets in the leg. The victim was taken away from the scene in an LAFD paramedic squad.

   The shooting is just the latest in a string of violent crimes to hit the Highland Park area lately, a destination for many newly arrived residents willing to pay high prices for homes close to the center of Los Angeles.

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Franklin Students Walk Out Over Trump Election

by LA1 News

A group of more than 50 students walked out of classes and filed northbound this morning on North Figueroa Street. The students, many dressed in Franklin High School shirts, skipped classes and held their peaceful moving protest against the election of Donald Trump to President of the United States. The students shouted "F*ck Trump" as they filed past the Veteran's Memorial Square and northward toward Luther Burbank Middle School.

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Firefighters Extinguish Mansion Fire and Restore Mount Washington Community

by Stephanie Papp

Helicopters hovered over the 4000 block of Sea View Avenue during the late night hours of October 13, while a constant stream of fire trucks squeezed through the narrow streets leading to the top of Mount Washington. The sound of a huge explosion echoed through the canyon, followed by blue-colored flames blasting to the sky. Windows throughout a massive home imploded from the heat of the raging fire that quickly engulfed the 9,112 square-foot mansion. Fire trucks with screeching sirens could be heard from far down the hill as they made their way to the top of Mount Washington from every possible road. Yet more explosions caused fireballs to shoot into the sky. Yellow, orange, and red flames swallowed the mansion in one bite, resulting in huge plumes of smoke billowing throughout the air. It was a site which Mount Washington residents dread to think of, but are lucky enough to rarely experience.


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