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Montecito Heights Pickup Spot Pushes the Envelope


A current public health hazard exists in Montecito Heights, and it has been present for over 25 years. Most residents are unaware of what's going on. Every day, parents and children casually stroll the hillsides around the Audubon Center at Debs Park, or play soccer at the far side of Montecito Park. They are, however, mostly oblivious to what occurs in the bushes and in the front seats of cars that surround them. Police and public leaders seem oblivious as well.

What's going on is gay male sex in the most inappropriate of surroundings. LAPD Northeast Vice Squad officers are completely aware of the situation, and have made efforts beginning in the early 1990s to curtail it, but their efforts have made little impact. The patrons of the pickup spot have since upped their game. They have an inside code of how to let people know they are interested in action, and all it takes is a push on the brake pedal.

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The Evolution of LA1 News

by LA1 News

LA1 News was created by a staff CNN studio camera operator / freelance LA Weekly writer on Christmas Day, 2000, using a work computer at CNN's Los Angeles news bureau. The idea was hatched more than a year earlier, but low financial resources meant ownership of the catchy URL would have to wait. Finally, a little Christmas morning cash paid for the first step toward completion of the dream. 

The idea was to provide a source for wide-ranging information from nearly every category of news for a major metropolitan city. The early plans were lofty. Envisioned was a site with live-streaming traffic conditions coming from cameras mounted inside the windows of tall office buildings near the freeway. Early news categories included fashion, business, politics, education, and many more. Los Angeles City news was covered alongside national and worldwide topics. 

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Veterans Memorial Desecrated in Highland Park

by LA1 News

LA1 News was notified about fresh graffiti spray painting at Highland Park Veteran's Memorial Square on Saturday. Police officers were standing outside their patrol vehicle when we arrived to witness a swastika painted atop the memorial fountain at the Square. There was also graffiti on the nearby electrical box which police officers had not yet noticed. We asked the police exactly what they were going to do about the serious injustice to local veterans that the vandalism represented. "You see we're here," said the officer. "What do you think we are doing here?" 


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