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LAPD Arrests "Father" Erwin Mena for Fraud

by LA1 News

The NELA Catholic community was dealt a seriously negative blow alongside other California parishes with the news on Tuesday of the arrest of “Father” Erwin Mena for fraud. His alleged deceit in Los Angeles includes misrepresentation as a priest at Saint Ignatius Parish in Highland Park and Saint Bernard Parish in Glassell Park.

The Vicar for Clergy Office for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles cannot verify the status of “Father” Erwin Mena, whose full name is shown as Erwin Arnoldo Mena Castro, and who uses any combination of those names.

Mena is alleged to have embezzled funds here, in San Bernardino, and even up in Stockton. He is said to have organized trips and performed wedding rites with parishioners at Saint Ignatius Parish and elsewhere, resulting in the embezzlement of over $15,000 from his victims.

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Crime in NELA Has Skyrocketed

by Mando Medina

In a small community just northeast of downtown Los Angeles known as Highland Park (in NELA), crime has been skyrocketing over the past year. According to Captain Arturo Sandoval of the Northeast LAPD Division, in the past year 2015 violent crime has jumped 23% (violent crimes consist of homicide, rape and robbery). According to the LA Times crime stats, over the last three months, Highland Park averaged 4.8 violent crimes and 15.2 property crimes per week. That’s an average of two property crimes per day. In the last six months, in Highland Park the rate of 91.1 crimes per 10,000 people is higher than in nearby Glassell Park and lower than Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights, Eagle Rock, Cypress Park and Mount Washington.

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LA's True Eastside Borderlines

by LA1 News

If you are one of those folks who truly believes that Echo Park and Silver Lake are part of the “Eastside” of Los Angeles, please stop reading this article. We have already lost you anyway. For the rest, LA1 News would like to offer a bit of advice on the topics of geography and sociology in communities east of the LA River.

Anyone growing up east of the River pretty much knows how it goes. Even if we were raised in a place like Highland Park, we withstood above and below breath comments from various friends, co-workers and even from our dates living and working in places like Downtown and Hollywood. "Hey Bob, you still living over there in East LA?" or "You went to Cal State LA, right? How was it going to school in East LA?" Highland Park is not East LA and it is not Eastside, either. It is Northeast. Cal State LA is not East LA, and it is not El Sereno. It is Eastside.


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