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Governor Brown Signs Various Veteran-Related Bills Into Law

by LA1 NEWS:

The Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced the signing of numerous veteran-related bills into law today. Particularly interesting is Assembly Bill 935 by Assemblymember Jim L. Frazier Jr. (D-Oakley) The bill allows veterans to apply for a driver's license or identification card featuring a Veteran designation, which could be a legitimate replacement to the State's failed Veterans License Plate program. Below is a summary from the Governor's Office's press release:

AB 13 by Assemblymember Connie Conway (R-Tulare): Requires the California Community Colleges and the California State University to update in-state tuition rate policies for eligible veterans to ensure compliance with the federal Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 and state law. Requests these updates of the University of California as well.

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Vietnam Veteran Takes Exception to Recent Times Article

by A Vietnam Veteran --

I am a Vietnam Veteran and three-time Purple Heart recipient. I am writing this article in rebuttal to the Los Angeles Times article written by Alan Zarembo, "As Disability Awards Grow, So Do Concerns with Veracity of PTSD Claims," published August 3, 2014. I take exception to this article and the presumptive public opinion that could be viewed as if ALL VETERANS applying for a PTSD claim were either exaggerating or outright lying.

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Veteran Obituary: William "Bill" Matelyan

by LA1 NEWS:

One-of-a-kind Northeast Los Angeles veteran of the Korean War, William "Bill" Matelyan, passed away in July. His official burial has been delayed inexplicably for a month and will finally occur on Wednesday, August 20. The fact that Matelyan was one of the relatively few remaining Korean War veterans in Northeast LA is not the main reason for his uniqueness. Rather, he was widely known across the city for his religious and political views, which he expressed to all by covering his car with graphics, flags, stickers, and a huge wooden sign latched to the top of the roof.  Matelyan was born into the Jewish faith on September 3, 1929, in Philadelphia, PA. He converted to Christianity as a young man, moved west, and preached the praise of Jesus for the rest of his life. He never forgot his own Jewish roots, however, and actively promoted America's allegiance with Israel. 


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