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by LA1 News Desk    A hearing was held downtown today at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Courts Building for the murder case against David Jonathan Brown. He is charged with stabbing USC professor Bosco Tjan to death at a campus neuroscience laborotory on December 6, 2016. The hearing was brief, and ended with a... + continue reading
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Indigenous Mexican Migrants Reject Education Privatization Efforts Back Home

from IQ Multimedia:

by Bertha Rodríguez Santos

   A group of members of the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations (FIOB) of California made a stand in Los Angeles on Saturday, in solidarity with a movement of teachers throughout Mexico. The FIOB, many of them Mexican educators, are mobilizing in opposition to so-called education reform in Mexico, which is perceived by FIOB as a measure imposed to privatize education. This could, the group fears, bring an end to independent thinking and the educational unions which are essential to anti-privatization efforts in Mexico and abroad. The lack of these groups would, according to FIOB, result in an end benefit for the proponents of privatization.

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Gil Cedillo Launches Re-Election Campaign

by LA1 News

   Say what you will about Gil, he knows how to throw a cool party. The 'Cedillo for City Council 2017' organization hosted a re-election campaign launch party for the pol yesterday, at the historic Carondelet House in Westlake. It was a small event, but attended by some important folks, most of whom were there in support of Cedillo for a second term as the councilman for CD1.

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The Eye of the Beholder: There Is Never Anything New

from LA Progressive:

by Paul K. Haeder

Aesthetic Resistance and Dis-Interest – That Which Will Not Allow Itself to Be Said, John Steppling. Los Angeles, CA: Mimesis International. ISBN: 978-88-6977-024-1, 2016. Pp. 112. $12.00 (paper)

The following is a review of John Steppling’s new book, "Aesthetic Resistance and Dis-Interest"


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