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by LA1 News Desk    A hearing was held downtown today at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Courts Building for the murder case against David Jonathan Brown. He is charged with stabbing USC professor Bosco Tjan to death at a campus neuroscience laborotory on December 6, 2016. The hearing was brief, and ended with a... + continue reading
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Tammany Hall Politics at the Hall of Administration

by LA1 News

   Yesterday evening an event was held at the Hall of Administration in Downtown L.A. to install new officers for the Central Committee of the L.A. County Democratic Party. The Central Committee is a political advisory group made up of registered Democrats from each assembly district living within the County of Los Angeles. All eligible registered Democrats elect the members of the Central Committee every four years during the primary election, and the group meets once per month after that time to debate various bills and issues of significance for the Party.

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Exercise Anaconda Kicks Off in Poland

from Double Eagle:

   U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers with the 361st Engineer Company (Multi-Role Bridge) from Warner Robins, Ga., sharpen their skills by constructing the Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB), June 8, on the Vistula River in Chelmno, Poland, as a part of Exercise Anakonda 2016. The IRB is a sectional floating bridge that can be used to create a full bridge or to ferry vehicles and equipment across a body of water.

   Exercise Anakonda 2016 is a Polish-led, joint, multinational exercise taking place in Poland from June 7-17. This exercise involves more than 31,000 participants from more than 20 nations. Exercise Anakonda 2016 is a premier training event for U.S. Army Europe and participating nations and demonstrates that the U.S. and partner nations can effectively unite together under a unified command while training on a contemporary scenario.

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July 4th: No Time for Celebration for Indigenous Peoples in US

from TeleSUR:

by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

   The Anglo-American settlers’ violent break from Britain, from 1775 to 1783, paralleled a decade of their search and destroy annihilation of Delaware, Cherokee, Muskogee, Seneca, Mohawk, Shawnee, Miami and other nations’ villages and fields, slaughtering the residents without distinction of age or gender and overrunning the boundaries of the 13 colonies into un-ceded Native American territories.


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