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by LA1 News Desk    From the outside courtyard at Ramona Hall last night, if one listed just carefully enough, massive applause could almost be heard as the Assembly District 51 runoff candidates were announced inside. The massive applause was not for candidates Wendy Carrillo and Luis Lopez, of course, although a... + continue reading
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Mayor Garcetti, Cedillo Launch ‘Great Streets Great Business’ on Figueroa

from Arroyo Seco Journal:

by Eddie Rivera

Mayor Garcetti and Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo launched the "Great Streets Great Business" program yesterday, a new small business assistance and attraction program for Great Streets corridors. The corridor includes all businesses on North Figueroa from Avenue 50 to Avenue 60.

Councilmember Cedillo specifically selected the North Figueroa Business Corridor for the Great Streets Program, saying, “It’s an area where there are many long time ‘legacy’ small businesses that we want to retain and help thrive.”

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Boyle Heights Gentrification Takes Toll on Eastside Artists

by David R. Bloom

   Property owner Douglas Erenberg has retained Dennis P. Block, LA’s most notorious eviction lawyer and an unapologetic opponent of rent control, in his effort to evict a well-known group of community artists from their live-work spaces at 2623 Medford St., according to documents received by LA1 News.

   The tenants, who established the Medford Street Studios as a loose-knit collective of fine artists, street artists and curators in a Boyle Heights industrial warehouse complex, say Erenberg is suing them each individually to skirt a Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department determination that the property—and the landlord-tenant relationship—falls under the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance protocols.

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Pro-Vegan Idiot Guerilla Paints Meat is Murder Piece at Veterans Memorial

by LA1 News

   Highland Park keeps changing every day, not nearly always for the better. An electrical box near the Veterans Memorial Square in Highland Park was recently replaced, and last night, sometime after 10 p.m., it was covered in spray-painted political graffiti. While the Square's memorial has been defaced in the past, it was always the obvious work of a wayward youth. Most times, local veterans are there the next day to remove the mess. This time, the offender was clearly an adult, although not a very educated one.


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