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by News Desk    A group of NELA veterans gathered together this morning and held a news conference at Veteran's Memorial Square in Highland Park. They met in order to denounce comments written by city council candidate Joe Bray-Ali about the US Flag. The comments were made 10 years ago but are just now coming to light on... + continue reading
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USC Student Housing Shows Redevelopment of Boyle Heights


by Vik Chaubey --

The University of Southern California's Health Sciences University is planning a student housing project for its graduate students. The project, located in Boyle Heights' Hazard Park / Ramona Gardens communities at Soto and Alcazar Streets, is part of the urban redevelopment process that has taken place in Boyle Heights since the 1993 Los Angeles City election. The ongoing urban development of Boyle Heights includes projects such as redevelopment on First Street, the demolishing of the Aliso Village public housing project, and creating redevelopment zones throughout the area.


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