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by LA1 News Desk    From the outside courtyard at Ramona Hall last night, if one listed just carefully enough, massive applause could almost be heard as the Assembly District 51 runoff candidates were announced inside. The massive applause was not for candidates Wendy Carrillo and Luis Lopez, of course, although a... + continue reading
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Owl Drug Store Says Goodbye to Highland Park

by LA1 News Desk

   Tomorrow will mark the end of an era in Highland Park. Owl Drug Store, which has been owned and operated by the Cheung family since 1984, is closing up shop. Located on North Figueroa Street at Avenue 57, the neighborhood drug store will close down tomorrow, according to Mei Cheung. "It's a good thing, because there are a lot of young people moving into the neighborhood," she says. "We are too old to keep up anymore."

   Asked what kind of establishment will be there next, Mrs. Cheung says she does not yet know. "We are not selling the building," she says. "We are going to rent it out to somebody, but we are not yet sure who." One thing is for sure, the new business won't be Owl's. "We looked into keeping the business name but that won't be possible," she says.

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David Jonathan Brown Murder Case Continued to July 26

by LA1 News Desk

   A hearing was held downtown today at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Courts Building for the murder case against David Jonathan Brown. He is charged with stabbing USC professor Bosco Tjan to death at a campus neuroscience laborotory on December 6, 2016. The hearing was brief, and ended with a continuation to July 26, 2017. The apperance was intended to announce the findings of Risa Grand, the court’s psychiatric doctor, on whether Brown is sane enough to face trial. Deputy Public Defender Steve Schoenfield stated at the hearing that the psychiatrist is not yet done with her evaluation.

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The Flame Broiler to Open Affordable Eatery in Highland Park

by LA1 News Desk

   The Flame Broiler restaurant chain is opening a new franchise location at the corner of North Figueroa and Avenue 57. It is the restaurant's sixth location in the City of Los Angeles. Workers on ladders were installing the signs at noon today. Brand new tables and chairs inside gave the impression that the location would open soon.

   The Flame Broiler chain operates under the slogan of “a healthy choice.” With the recent openings of the pricey Mr. T’s Bowl, coffee shops and haircut locations across the street, some locals see an advantage to franchise eateries. “The community needs restaurants that are affordable," says Mando Medina, a Highland Park anti-gentrification activist. "Twelve-dollar toast with avocado at Birdie Café is just a joke," he adds. "We need eating establishments to be affordable for people on fixed incomes who have been living here for a long time.”


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