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by LA1 News Staff

   Starting this year LA1 News is mapping its coverage area. LA1 News covers the City of Los Angeles and we are walking the City's entire perimeter block by block, taking pictures and plotting grid coordinates along the way. The final product, a custom GIS map of the city, will feature an interactive directory of all neighborhoods and districts, as well as the borderlines to often-disputed boundaries such as where L.A.'s Eastside and NELA begin and end.

   Stay updated on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages or bookmark this destination, and enjoy.

January 4:

   It turns out we were wrong about the City of Los Angeles terminating at Church Street. After plotting our second location just across the street from our first one, we headed north on the west side of Avenue 64 and realized the homes past Church Street are still L.A. City homes. One way to tell, besides street sign colors, is to check whether the homes have L.A. City trash cans or Pasadena cans. It turns out the homes on the west side of Avenue 64 have L.A. City cans all the way up past Church Street to a delightful late 1800's-era cottage, where we plotted our third location.

   Next we headed back south on Avenue 64 to make our way back to Church Street. On the way we noticed a convenient stairwell leading up to Lantana Drive. We love our city's stairwells! The coordinates to this one are loaded into our map and a filter will enable readers to see the location of all the stairwells in Los Angeles, with pictures. We turned right at the top of the stairs on Lantana Drive and plotted our fourth location at the terminus of the road. A kind resident there told us that his home is the last Los Angeles home in Northeast L.A. He pointed to the power lines above and showed us that his home has the last drop from a power line coming uphill from the south end of his street. Another way to tell what city it is!

   While we could be sitting on a chair plotting these points using a pre-existing map, that would not have shown us the stairwell nor would we have had the interaction with residents. We continued our march up and down the streets perpendicular to Church Street, until we plotted our sixth and final location for the day at the terminus of Strickland Avenue high in the hills above Highland Park. We are not sure yet where Garvanza turned into Highland Park on our trip, but we will answer that question once our L.A. City perimeter plotting is complete.

January 3:

   Our first location is the property line at the last home on the 900 block of N. Avenue 64 in the Garvanza district of Northeast Los Angeles. This is the precise coordinate on the east side of N. Avenue 64 where Los Angeles turns into the City of Pasadena. However, on the west side of Avenue 64 the L.A./Pasadena border is further north, at Church Street.

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