Pro-Vegan Idiot Guerilla Paints Meat is Murder Piece at Veterans Memorial

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by LA1 News

   Highland Park keeps changing every day, not nearly always for the better. An electrical box near the Veterans Memorial Square in Highland Park was recently replaced, and last night, sometime after 10 p.m., it was covered in spray-painted political graffiti. While the Square's memorial has been defaced in the past, it was always the obvious work of a wayward youth. Most times, local veterans are there the next day to remove the mess. This time, the offender was clearly an adult, although not a very educated one.

   The whack job painted the words and imagery right at the memorial site to fallen veterans. There are plaques at the site honoring the graduates of Franklin High School who died in World War II, and to the residents of NELA who died in Vietnam. A project to rebuild the memorial's fountain and add a garrison flag to the site was recently announced. Once notified of the despicable act, representatives at councilman Gil Cedillo's office responded by saying their team along with the city's "graffiti busters" would be there later today to paint over the intrusion.

   The mission of LA1 News is to stand up for underrepresented communities in the City of Los Angeles. The most vital of these communities, to us, is the veteran community. Defacing property by itself is wrong, but when this affects our veterans it is a tragedy. If you know who did this senseless act of vandalism, please send us an email at


   Team Cedillo and the graffiti busters did not show up by 9 p.m. Local veterans took to the electrical box with scrubbing brushes and solution, and brought the box back to its original surface.

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